General Information & Rules

Welcome to Little Buds Montessori


Dear Parents/Guardian

Thank you for enrolling your child at Little Buds Montessori. With the support from parents, at a determined school, we shall equip our children with a good foundation for learning.

Listed below are the Rules and Information which will enable the smooth running of our school


Admission Procedures

  1. Contact the school so as to arrange an appointment for you at a convenient time with the Principal with regards to admitting your child.
  2. Children are accepted on a first come-first served basis.
  3. The school reserves the right to decline admission of a child as well as discontinue its services to pupils should certain requirements not be fulfilled. Parents are therefore required to render full co-operation in the interests of their child at all times.
  4. The child’s place is confirmed upon receipt and acknowledgement of the Registration fee and Registration form.
  5. Fees are payable in advance in the first week of the school term, whether the child attends or not, as the school expenses do not diminish if the child is absent, therefore there are no tuition fee reductions under any circumstances.
  6. A terms notice, in writing, must be given, should the parents decide to move the child from the school  or a terms fees payable in lieu.
  7. The school will not be held responsible for any damages or losses suffered in respect of toys, stationery, jewellery or any other personal items brought to school by pupils.



Please send the following items to school for your child with his/her name on it:

  1. A5 Hardcover book
  2. School bag
  3. A spare set of clothing, including underwear



  1. Children must wear washable, comfortable clothes at all times.
  2. All clothing must be easy for them to manage especially when using the toilet.



  1. Parents must equip their children with a nourishing sandwich and a healthy drink.
  2. Bringing fruit along is also a good idea.
  3. It is also important that they eat breakfast before coming to school so that they feel energised to go about the days work.
  4. No junk food will be allowed
  5. Make certain that their sleep requirements are also fulfilled.



  1. A sick child must not be sent to school for his/her own safety as well as for the safety of the other children.
  2. There is a possibility of the sick child’s condition deteriorating at school, and it is illegal for staff to administer any medicine to children in our care.
  3. If the child’s illness is contagious, then he/she will also be putting the health of other children at risk.



  1. The school hours are:
  • Monday – Friday (Half day) – 7a.m. – 12p.m.
  • Monday – Friday (Full day) – 7a.m. – 5p.m.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to hand the child personally to the teacher in the morning as well as receive the child from the teacher in the afternoon.

Should an emergency arise, parents are requested to notify the school that they may be late in collecting their child from school.



  1. Parents are most welcome to celebrate their child’s birthday at the school.
  2. It would be appreciated if the teacher is informed, in advance, so that the necessary arrangements can be made so as to accommodate the party in the programme of the day.



  1. The children will be taken on excursions during the year.
  2. The excursions are not funded by the school, therefore parents are required to contribute to the entrance fees and transport costs.
  3. No child may go on excursion unless the relevant consent/ indemnity forms are completed and signed.
  4. Should parents have suggestions for safe and interesting places for the excursions, requests will be greatly appreciated.


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