Little Lab Coats

Die Witjassies & Little Lab Coats
~Join the science adventure

Welcome to all our new and existing Little Lab Coats. Molly and Marius are super excited and already wearing their white laboratory coats and safety glasses. Even their backpacks are packed and standing ready for their next science adventure. Are you ready for a big science adventure?

License holders will provide more info on when and where classes will take place.

Science for young children

“Die Witjassies & Little Lab Coats” is an educational science program that is offered as an extracurricular activity at nurseries and primary schools.

“Die Witjassies & Little Lab Coats” was initiated to provide children from as young as 3 years with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Natural Science through a fun but educational program.

They perform experiments themselves and use authentic laboratory equipment that is safe for children.

We believe that by introducing a child to the fundamentals of science at a very young age, an interest, understanding and love for the subject will be nurtured that will prove to be indispensable in school years to follow.

We explore…

We investigate a variety of natural science subjects including chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, geography, meteorology, paleontology, environmental sciences and biology.

Let the adventure begin…

Nestled between high mountains and even a volcano you will find The Beautiful Valley where Molly and Marius mice live. They are known as excellent Little Lab Coat scientists that have fantastic adventures where they use scientific principles to solve many problems.


The benefits of being a Little Lab Coat

• Horizons are broadened
• Their confidence gets a major boost
• They work with safe, real-life scientific apparatus
• They learn to ask questions and by experimenting arrive at the answer
• They learn that science is easy, comprehensible and FUN!
• They approach science with excitement and feel like real scientists!


Classes close to you


Registration forms are available from your license holder.

Each Little Lab Coat receives his/her own white laboratory coat when they register for their first year with us. A T-shirt will be handed out for second year Little Lab Coats.

T-shirts are available to all our Little Lab coats as an extra item. Orders can be placed with your license holder.

Each Little Lab Coat will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the year.

How can our school participate in the program?

If you would like Die Witjassies & Little Lab Coats to get involved with the teaching and development of science at your school, contact us for a free demonstration.