Kiddie Sport Academy


Kiddie Sports Academy promotes physical fitness while engaging all aspects of sport. Through the use of gross and fine motor skills, your children will participate in fun and interactive activities in an exciting social environment

What it will look like:

• It will start with an introduction and greeting with each child stating their name and answering a question based on the theme for that class.

• Following the introduction, will be a warm-up along with stretches to prepare for the activity program for that specific class.

• There will be a 2-part activity; the first would consist of the class targeting a fun, interactive course that focuses on physical aspects such as balance, flexibility and special awareness. The second will be a specific ability that either introduces the basics of, or enhances the skill set already present of throwing, catching or specialized movements to that skill set of a specific sport.

• The last phase of the class will include gathering the children together, and promoting all of their accomplishments throughout the class. Lastly, a certificate will be handed to the child as well as a sticker for their accomplishment.

The main goal is to create a fun, interactive, and safe environment for the kids to enjoy each week as they learn and grow, not only in active play, but in a social setting with other children.