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    Grade Attending

    Grade Attending




    Admission is open to all and no discrimination on the basis of gender, race or ethnicity influences the decision regarding admission. Children do need to be of the appropriate age for each of our programmes.




    Toddler & Pre-Primary

    Parents of prospective pupils are invited to make an appointment during school hours.  This gives us the opportunity to explain the Montessori approach; give an outline of the daily routine; and to take you on a tour of the school.  In order to apply for admission, documents to be submitted are:

    • Childs I.D.
    • Parent’s I.D.
    • Immunisation Card

    Extra Curricular

    Children applying for the Extra Curricular classes are required to complete the necessary applications and payments before the classes commences. All fees for the different curricular activities are stipulated on the enrolment forms.

    Parents and children are invited to spend an hour at the school to meet teachers, other parents and children before commencing school the following year.  Children are accepted into the school during the course of the year if a vacancy becomes available.

    You will also be required to provide a copy of specialist reports if relevant.


    Extra Curricular classes are held during the following days:-

    • Monday – Kiddie Sport and Baker Baker

    • Tuesday – Little Lab Coats (Science)

    • Wednesday – Kindermusik

    • Thursday – Speech & Drama / Show & Tell

    • Friday – Musical Rascals

    YOGA is done daily at school, FREE of charge!


    TERM 2 ANNUAL SPORTS 19th May 2018
    TERM 2 10th ANNIVERSARY BANQUET 26th May 2018
    TERM 3 EXCURSION 31st July 2018
    TERM 3 POETRY RECITAL 24th August 2018
    TERM 4 GRADUATION & MINI-DEBS 8 December 2018
    All dates are proposed dates and subject to change